Monday, August 30, 2010

Thank You, Universe!

Found my thumbdrives.

Was about three inches away from deciding I was never going to see them again.

They were in a place where I had looked roughly eight times before (yes, I counted) and each time had investigated each teency nook and cranny to no avail... but now, this time, they were there.

Thank you, universe, for returning them. Also, house-elf, I must make a mental note to supply you with a very generous portion of porridge this christmas. You did good.

In other news, I can't oversell this purple hair thing. I love it! I was nervous that it'd be wierd, or feel funny, or bring too much attention to me that I wasn't ready for - but it turns out that I was wrong on all counts. People smile at me a lot more now, noticeably so. Probably because I'm smiling more too, to be perfectly honest. But it's not like people are all "ooh, crazy purple hair girl is a dumbass, let's laugh at her for being different". Every comment has been, without fail, positive and validating.

It's like I've had it all this time and finally now we can all see it. And it looks really REALLY cool.
Thank you, universe, for giving me the cajones to go through with it.

In other, other news, my nieces turn two on Thursday. Two years old. They're gorgeous, they're brilliant, they're hillarious. I adore them both. And their parents are pretty neat too.

Holy crap, that means that this year is my second wedding anniversary too! Wahoo!

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