Monday, October 4, 2010


Okay, so yeah, I fell off the planet for a month there. Lots of good stuff happened in the mean time though. My nieces had their second birthday party, which was awesome. My mother in law joined my beloved husband and I on a four-ish day road trip to Mesa Verde, which was awesome. I got my hair permanently purpled (I should put the permanent in quotes but people who know hair dye know that it's kindof redundant to do so), and that is awesome.

Birthday party involved poo, and lord my lord it was just a teeny little splotch of it on my shirt but I blanched like it was the end of the world and my inner me congratulated myself on the genuine-ness of my realization that parenthood is so big fat not for me right now. The rest of the party was so danged awesome though, the girls are not only gorgeous and smart as heck but they're gracious and eloquent (for two year olds) and REALLY getting interesting. So it evened out. Universe 1 : KKF 1. Even.

Road trip was a little rough on the road-tripping part, the drive was just this side of intolerably long and the road-sickness was Juuuuust this side of terminal. However every single other part of that trip was delightful and gorgeous and harmonious and just absolutely everything I could have hoped for. For all of us.
Universe 1 : KKF 2. I'm ahead.

The hair is working out really well, and I'm trying to figure out the "ironing" business because it really looks best when it's pin straight. I didn't know if I'd be into that kind of WORK after all, so I just bought a small travel hair-iron thingy and it's working out great. The color is starting to really show that it's thinning now, though, getting kinda' pale and pastel-y... though that's admittedly not without a certain level of flashy charm too. I'll have to go back regularly to get it trimmed and re-stained, I suppose, forever breaking me of my "wait 18 months until I look like a raggedy homeless person" haircut plan and eternally indebtting me to my new hair-cutter superhero of awesomeness.
Universe 2 : KKF 2.5 (because I really DIG the purple, even if it is more work and expense)

There are several things that are absent from my world too now, like a giant laundry basket full of worry. You know... about the whole medical scare we had. Also absent from this little pocket of the universe right now: Horrible accidents, disasterously out-of-season snowstorms, job-hunting, 100 degree heat waves, shoes that hurt and giant, fluffy tumbleweeds of catfur in my still-not-yet-a-dining room.

It's nice to focus on what I don't have right now. I lost 1.5 lb last week too. Roughly.
So there's that. I think I'm still ahead.
Universe 2 : KKF 50,029,872,430,66,392,703,481,203,921.3

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