Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I Need to Believe

That people, on the whole, are really a lot smarter than the ones/twos that I hear about and read about. You know. Constantly.

That I, when pressed, would be able to fairly defend myself in an regrettable situation.

That someday I will bump into that boy from Copenhagen again and he and I will immediately recognize eachother and we’ll finally understand what it was that happened in the rundtaarn that day.

That someday my personal time-lord will come back into my life for a few days and we’ll be able to get all caught up in person again.

That I’m still making the right decisions, considering the circumstances.

That my husband, the love of my life, won’t leave me over the dust bunnies.

That this summer I’ll get just a little bit better at managing myself in weather that reaches over 80 degrees.

That I really do have it in me to be a great cook, and failing that, that I at least have it in me to be a mediocre preparer of food.

That the gods really do pay attention, and most of this bugs the hell out of them as well.

That I’m the only one who notices that crease in my back, the angle of my knees, the way my jawline puffs up right there, that weird white patch on the back of my hand…

That pulling up the big-daddy rose bush in the back yard is going to rid us of those beshitted pocket gophers once and for all.

That I’m a pretty good driver.

That I’m a pretty neat travel companion.

That the world is simply more complicated than everyone says.

That the world really does work the way I want it to and not the way it’s turning out as.

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