Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The conversations I have:

We were talking about "Spad"s at work today. Only briefly of course, and between other, more pressing issues. But still...

You know, just me and two of the growly ol' ex-miners hanging around at work here... one of them had a shiny little spad all framed up nice on his desk and so I finally asked for the back story.

Now that I know what spads are for (little hook-y nail-y things that hold plumb-bobs etc for mine surveying)...

We lunged into the following conversation:

B: "hey, you can actually pronounce Molybdenum!"
Me: "well yeah, I kinda' grew up in a house that was supported by it, I owe it at least THAT much"
T: "ever wanna' tour your dad's mine?
Me: "no way ho-zay. I did a salt mine tour and a gypsum mine tour in Austria, thanks. I'm all mine-tour'ed out for this year"
B: "bah! mines are great! it's not like you'd be in a coal mine, or a diamond mine, or an asbestos mine..."
Me: "you mean like the hell-holes my dad toured in South Africa? nah, I like to be equally situated between the earth and the sky. My circuits get funny when I'm totally enveloped by either one for too long. My DAD however..."
T: "oh yeah, I'm probably like your dad. I'm a born troglodite."
Me: "yeah, I'm still convinced my dad is at least 1/4 Morlock"
-end scene-

The H.G. Wells' "Time Machine" reference won me big points. Yay for literary literacy! Yay for my renaissance education finally coming into play at least antecdotally if not fully monetarily!

Also YAY for my dad being the kind of guy for whom, ultimately, this was probably still quite a compliment.

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PBC said...

Okay, so I can totally see this one happening! Thanks for sharing!