Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bring your taun-taun to work day!

According to the weather stations over the last three days, we were due for the mother of all spring storms last night. It was gonna' rain, and snow, and even out here we were going to get like, EIGHT FEET OF SNOW (cue the scary music) and then planes were gonna' start falling out of the sky and hydrogen bonding would start to fail, and cats would be living with dogs, and all manner of insanity and panic would be upon us.

Lo. As the day progressed yesterday, we went from fitful, overcast skies to dribbly rain. From dribbly rain to cold, pelty rain. By time I fell asleep I could hear fat, splatty spring rain on the roof and windows - just beginning its conversion to fat, splatty spring snow. By time I woke up, the EIGHT FEET OF SNOW (cue scary music) had manifested as naught more than an inch of accumulation on the fluffiest parts of the grass on the lawn.

Totally worth running out in the icy rain yesterday evening to cover up the spring plantings. Totally worth it.

You know why? Dreadfully overestimated though this storm of the century may have been, it is SO freakin pretty out there this morning. AND all the pavement is essentially dry - so no icy driving conditions.

I love spring snows. Really. Especially when they don't strip branches off my trees. YAY!

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