Monday, May 10, 2010


So I’m still feeling pretty tapped by the wind. I’ve got so much to look forward to, a whole big fat lot, and I can still feel this emo oil slick of depression sliding and sloshing around in my brains, oozing down my spine, and knotting itself up inside me and all the wind can do is remind me of all the things I’m depressed about.

But I’m not that depressed – or at least, I’ve got zilch to bitch about. Things are great – rollickingly, drunkenly, kittens-in-a-basket great. Really. So it’s going to be a bajillion degrees this summer. So what? So I’m really needing a compensation increase, so what? It’s not like the rest of the freakin’ PLANET doesn’t feel the same way. You know? So here’s me taking my own scrap of advice for myself. I’m going to not bitch. I’m going to list the things that make me very, very happy. And I’m going to make all y’all sit through it. Ha ha! Take that, worrisome winds of evil!
  • Laughing, hard, at work.
  • Planting shrubs. (did a lot of that, this last weekend)
  • A hot bath.
  • Seeing seeds I’ve planted weeks ago beginning to sprout.
  • Absurdly posed pictures of cats, mid-jump/mid-sneeze… mid anything.
  • When someone I work with proudly comes over to my desk to say that they just successfully did something that I showed them how to do ages ago and that they did it by referring to the instructions I left for them and without any other help at all!
  • The medium sized zebra Z-grip pen.
  • Planning for a vacation.
  • My favorite pasta meal with eggs and bacon in it.
  • The sounds my kitty makes when she sees me in the morning for the first time.
  • Hand-wringing weathermen forecasting dire weather news concerning the foot of snow we’re supposed to get tomorrow.
  • Wearing jeans to work.
  • Discovering, by accident, that a perfect stranger knows exactly who Dirk Gently is and consequently learning that the perfect stranger is just as obtuse and quirky as I am.
  • Being unable to help (usually) how obtuse and quirky I am.
  • Being totally okay (usually) with how obtuse and quirky I am.

Today though, what really makes me almost unreasonably happy, what will get me through the day, is that I got to laugh. Very hard. At work. With my coworkers. That’s such a great feeling.

Especially because it happens a lot, here.

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PBC said...

Okay, so the laughing at work makes me miss you guys! I'm loving your recent blogs. Also, I knew Dirk Gently was a familiar name but I had to look it up in order to place it. Old age....