Monday, August 25, 2008


And here I am again. Waiting.
I just finished a mind-searingly dull (and underpaid) job and am now waiting to hear back on something that sounds not only more interesting but also promises to pay kinda better. Like twice as much. So YAY on that front. It would still be a temp position but the word is that if I'm a good fit I'll go full time and just go on as part of the company. It's an administrative assistant gig for which they'll take their time introducing me to the long and short of the company so that later on I can bump up to more important stuff and get promoted. I know - crazy, eh?

Foolishly, I have again pinned my hopes of salvation to this position - nebulous though it may be.

In the mean time, I'm working like hell on the tiny bits and bobs for the wedding (amongst other things like job hunting) and setting up stuff like dishes and laundry so that I can leave at a moment's notice for interviews or first days back at work and so on.

Gods this is a bad post. I have nothing really else to say though. Invitations are here, and going to get mailed damned soon. There was a tornado siren that went off today but nothing materialized and the "all clear" siren was wildly anticlimactic. Not that I was hoping for destruction or anything - but the first siren gets me all riled up with the relentless woooo-a-woooooo-a-woooooooooo that stings my ears and comes only in the key of "hangover". Then I obsessively check the online weathermaps, look at my own barometer (don't be surprised I have my own barometer), and sorta prepare my attack plan for getting the kitty efficiently into the cat carrier, and myself packed neatly into the harrypotter room under the stairs if the situation warranted. Because there was that woeful siren moaning out dire news that the situation might just warrant. So yeah, it was exciting, and then it was over, and then there I was with a pile of useful things at the top of the stairs and a confused cat looking at me from her blissed out spot in the sun. And it was like, well, damn. back to the grind.

Looking out my window now, I see that it really is a beast of a storm out there and I do hope that nothing ever does materialize out of this one - nothing but some good gosh darn rain that is.

Nobody ever needs a tornado.

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