Thursday, December 6, 2012

And Now: Some Ess'plain-in

You see, I'm not sure what it was, exactly, that made me curl up into a widdle ball of invisible lately.  I'm not even sure how long it's lasted.  Frankly I'm not that sure it matters.

What I know is that over the course of November I not only managed to not kill us all on the drive out to visit my Sister In Law...  I additionally managed to write another 50,000 words for this year's NaNoWriMo competition.  It's likely that the both of those things put together on top of some lovely post-storm, post-election nonsense still rattling around in my brain, it's likely that all of that is what caused my thinkmeat to shrivel up into a dead little raisin that hid in the corner under the stove and desperately hoped I wouldn't call on it again.  Ever.

And now.  Here we are.  Headlong into the hoopty holiday season and we're all wandering around with our hands in our pockets and hoping that something interesting finally crops up in here before we have to start leaving rude messages to that effect.

Oops.  There goes my thinkmeat again....  brb.

So yeah...  I did the novel thing again!  RAPTURE!  JOY!  FRABJ-ISS DAY!  Now this one is a little ratty toward the end, but there's an end, by the gods so I'm running with it.  Just about a year from now I'm hoping to have it all tied up and in your nummy little hands in time for the next hoopty holidays.  The gauntlet, lo, has been thrown'ed. 

Speaking of thrones.  That Game of Thrones business, right?  Wow.  Talk about a paper-thin excuse for costume-fappery and lots of nooodie booobies.  Not that I mind, exactly, I'm just coming at it from the land of Comedy Central and the Weather Channel, you know?  It came as kindof a shock.
In the same way that a Mack Truck comes as a shock to a snake otherwise enjoying a leisurely sunbath on a decidedly flat and sturdy piece of strangely painted ground.

There was one other show we tried to watch on HBO, something about gladiators... but there was way too much peen in there even for my tastes and we just couldn't watch it.  Dear HBO...  if you're gonna' do porn, go for it.  You have a zillion times the budget of normal porn producers and you have way better script writers.  However, if not... please at least be a little bit less enthusiastic about the whole "and now PEEEEEN!" scenes.  Cause seriously... you know?  A girl still likes a tiddly bit of romance every now and then.
heh.  "tiddly bit".

Now that our heads are fully back into the gutters where they belong...  let me leave you with a few of the movie recomendations I might not have been kind enough to share with you yet.

1) Arn.  You have no excuses.  Go learn about this man.  Now.  Great movie. 
2) Valhalla Rising.  You have a few excuses.  The language barrier will be a stiff one for 99.9999999999% of the non old-norse speakers who watch it.  Luckily for all of us, there are about seven words of spoken dialogue in the whole film.  So there's that.  It's dark.  It's holy-shit amazing.  It's long.  It's quiet.  This is a film, kids, that will stick with you.  If you want it to or not.  Likely you'll be in the 'not' bucket.  watch it anyway.  feel your life change.
3) Rare Exports.  If you love me, you'll watch it.  Over and over again.  Every December.  As you leave cookies out for Santa and lock your door tightly and draw the curtains and make sure your toaster oven is good and bolted down to the countertops.  You know.  JUST IN CASE!!!!!

:)  MISSING YOU GUYS!  Happy Holidays, fellow wierd-o's and slavering minions alike.  Don't do anything I wouldn't do, unless you'd be better at it than me then by all means send me pictures.

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