Sunday, October 28, 2012

Okay, Sandy, whaddya got?

Kitty is doing very well.  She had a very rough night and then roughly three hours before the vet opened for business...  she perked up and her "pain" went away as did her grumptacular new lease on life and now...  well... by the gods she's a whole new cat.  I can still "palpate" (that's the right word, right?) some kind of mass in her tummy, but it seems lower down in her digestive system than it was before; moving away from her ribs and toward her patootie.

Poor patootie.  Today or tomorrow, that patootie is going to get a workout - as with all things, this too appears that it shall pass. 

And Sandy the Hurricane that now answers to "Frankenstorm"...  well she's on her way Virginia-ward too.  We're all ready for her though and we're feeling safe and prepared and as solid as can be.  Everything we CAN control, we have a handle on.  If power goes out, well, we can read and there are flashlights.  There's lots of water stored up now, food in the pantry for days, gas in the car, firewood galore.  We're as ready as we can be.

Now it's up to the gods, frankly, and while it appears that they might have a little fun at our collective public-service expense, I'm going to boldly state with naive confidence that this big storm (which shall be a doozy) will not be the end of us.

Pictures and updates as events warrant; and of course as power grids permit. 

My zipcode is 22304 if you'd like to read along with us on the weather channel.  I'm sure your internet access will be far more reliable than mine over the next few days. 

Kitty is healthy and perky again, however, so come what may I have everything in this very apartment that I could ever dream to ask for.  And then some. 

See you on the other side!

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