Tuesday, October 16, 2012

hunh, we meet again...

So it's not like I've been taking SPECTACULAR care of myself over the last week.
So I'm guessing that my lack of panic this time goes largely to that.

Because do you remember this?
Well, it's doing it again.

So that's once in June of 2011
and now once in October of 2012

I'll write more about it later though, when I can see properly and after I get home from my half day of work.  SIdenotes for now include: no brain pain, just feeling "fluffy" and the "swoop" is in both eyes at the same time.  NOT just one.  They match.

And oh look...  I think... yep. There.  It just went away.  NSAIDS must have kicked in. 
20 minutes today.  Okay. 

I can do this. 

I'll write more about it later though.  Like I kinda just said.

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