Monday, June 13, 2011

Well this is new...

Funky, right? I woke up this morning groggy as hell after another long night of nightmares on a full head and a rapidly emptying stomach. Got to the shower just fine and somewhere between getting dressed and going downstairs I noticed something. It "felt" funny in my brains. Like how your eyes feel fuzzy after you stare at the lightbulb for too long or if you have been sleeping with one eyeball smashed into the pillow all night and it refuses to focus. Like how if you get a floaty hair thing in your eye-goo and it drifts around fully avoiding all efforts to see it/focus on it/remove it.

But this was... different.

It lingered. It was big.

It obscured big swaths of space and made reading impossible. I closed my right eye. It got really clear. I closed my left eye, it was still there but... black-ly. I felt like my eye, even though closed, was still looking at this abberation.

I concentrated. The fuzzy part became sharp and edgy and zippy and test-pattern-y like TV's used to do when they ran out of scheduled programming at 2 in the morning.
The non-testpattern-y part was just fuzzy, distorted.

Barely perceptible thrills of panic flooded me. Is it a tumor? Do I have a detached retina? Is this a blood clot? Am I going to DIE today?

I concentrated again. No. I remembered. This is what people talk about seeing before they get migraines.

Hunh. I finished my breakfast. My stomach swirled with tension because it was still convinced I was going to drop dead at any second. I chugged a large glass of room-temperature water with tea in it. I leaned back on the couch with my eyes closed and studied the image on my brain, the blurry, zippy test-pattern crescent on my brain.

With herculean effort, and not an ounce of pain (yet?) I finally convinced my body that imminent doom was not, in fact, nigh. I went upstairs to brush my teeth. I sat on the tub and straightened my hair with my eyes closed. I focused hard on anything but what my eyes were shouting. (HAY! LOOK! THINGY! LOOK! THINGY!)

It passed. It was maybe 15 minutes total. 20 tops. I did the flashlight flash on my eyes to watch my pupils adjust. Both reacted evenly, smoothly, and enthusiastically.

I am, now, officially fine. After some light googling, it appears to have been an opthalmic migraine. Nobody knows what causes them or how to treat them.

I'll keep an eye on it (as they say) and look for patterns and just wait for things to kick up again.

This new little dragon will NOT get the best of me. I'm going to kick it's fizzy little ass. But dude. You know? *Whew*

P.S. Never got the migraine proper, no headache to speak of, just my molars are a little... um... fluffy and my ability to focus on ANYTHING is largely zilch. Moreso than normal, that is. Smartass.

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