Sunday, September 23, 2012

To Begin. Again.

Well, here we are.  It's ...  today.  And today is the day I ran out of things to distract myself with.  It's the day I ran out of dilly-dally-ing techniques (all of them)(and no shit the living room looks great!)...

This is the day when I began *gulp* the research and data-collecting stage that preceeds the ultimate ground-zero of November 1 novel-writing.  Oh yes, kids and cats, I'm doing it allllll again. And OH how my stomach doth turn with anticipation and horror.

I must be doing something right, eh?

So now, scattered across my apartment floor you would see layers of books concerning the world as it was at any given point during the early 1940's, and the denizens thereof.  Particularly the north-atlantic denizens.  Denizens.  You heard me.  There are books about wildfires too...  as there are parts of the ol' hometown that I STILL can't seem to shake (not that I really want these last bits to be TOTALLY dislodged, mind you.)

Okay okay, what's it all about, right?  You're clawing at the screen, sick to death of teasers and you want a little co'ax-cable-dip into the plans of your beloved lil' KJ (aka KF) and you want to know what exactly this next monstrosity is going to be about.  What on EARTH am I going to make you sit through next.  Right?  Well fine.

So I'll tell you.
Many of you know already.  But now you all do.  All you stalkers and minions of mine, rejoice!  For today is the day of my undoing as I dedicate and wholly settle myself into telling the following story:

It's a one-sided interview situation.  Memoirs, kindof.  As told by the grandson of a character we call "Granddad".  Granddad will be familiar to many, as he will have a great many Odin-like qualities about him.  And We are going to be listening to grandson as he tells Granddad's stories about the time he saved one of the world's last giants, a real Jotun (allbeit a young one), by transporting him from the wilds of Minnesota (or New Mexico?) to the only wildlife preserve in the world that could handle such a creature; Norway's Jotunheim.  NB: Jotunheim means "home of the giants" and is a no-shit real place.  It exists.  I've been there.  It delivers on every note of perfection and spectacular that you'd expect from such a place.  To wit:  Linkage.

Along the way we will learn (hopefully in a non-hamfisted manner) about the nine noble virtues of Norse Heathenry (see?  I capitalized it!) and how to go about being a good person in spite of the whole world going to shit in a grenade-basket AND in spite of the whole "none of my leads are going to be monotheistic" situation.

I know, right?  Spelled out like that and it looks like I've bitten off waaaaaaay more than I can chew.  Especially since the rules of this engagement dictate that I MUST NOT have anything written in advance of my start date (NaNoWriMo...  check it out!).  However I can take notes.  I can keep outlines.  I can do research.  I can build thoughts and plans and maps and ideas and find solutions for things (ie: how in the name of zeus am I getting these kids on a boat to norway as WWII is just getting all started up...)   I can plan.

If there is one thing in this whole world that I am good at...  it's planning.  Well, and overthinking things.  So that's two things.  There are two things in this world that I'm damnedably good at:  Planning and overthinking things. 

So that's the stage I am in now.  Day one:  Plan.  Overthink it.  Plan some more. 

Should probably stretch out my typing corpusles too - I think I remember a nasty case of clicky-wrist last time I tried any kind of nonsense like this.

Whoo.  yeah.  Big steps.  Back to Planning and Overthinking I go!
wish me luck!


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