Friday, October 7, 2011


Sightseeing! LIKE A BOSS!
Great Falls National Park, kids. That's the Potowmac, out there all booming and thundering and rushing and foamy and stuff. And yes, I put a "w" in there, that's for the extra "WOO" you do when you get to the overlook structure and get a full view of it all up in your face. WOO.

The day itself was cold and bleak and gray. So much so that the brave little tribe of the four of us (myself, my beloved, and our pals who already live out here) took our picnic lunch in the car. It was awesome: hatchback up, backseats down, wine, crackers, sammiches and those CHOCORIFFIC muffins that Supergal found. She's my superpal. She's actually one of my beloved's ancient highschool buddies and they're like siblings but she has taken me under her wing and now she's Supergal. Or if she objects, I'll call her something else. She and her husband joined us on this outing and put up with my wretched cheeriness like champs.

It was cold, guys. It was super cold. And wet. And rainy.

After lunch, we walked around and giggled and chatted and took the path to the Matildaville ruins. My beloved husband found himself right at home in an environment closely matching his own native one. As you can see here:

I do love a good game of "spot the nerd" don't you?

We were all exhausted after our tiny little walk - something about the cold and the fact that we were all "out" for the first time together since EVAHR. It was so much fun though. Just a quick drive and I'm up to my eyeballs in tall, straight trees. Hardwood trees, walnuts. Big, BIG leaves reaching out like umbrellas and agressive looking vines with bark hanging from them like meat from a bone. A smooth, flat path paved inches deep by leaves in a million different colors of brown. AND autumn color change hasn't started yet.

Not here anyway.

THEN it was time to get my beloved all to myself. You know what I did? I made him put up art. YAY! Our Serenity travel posters are up! Right next to our Battlestar Galactica floor lamp, and my little viking ship. If this isn't a home that says "welcome all ye nerds" I don't know what is.

Look! Plants! Furniture! Panel Curtains!
So then I put off writing this episode for a few days. In those days I've been putting more things away. LIKE A BOSS.

I've been doing laundry. LIKE A BOSS.

I've been screwing up a fair amount of courage and going over to the little gym they have here and using that little treadmill. LIKE A BOSS.

I've gone to the store by myself. LIKE A BOSS.

And once, I utterly neglected to stop at a red light and pissed off a dude in a Yugo who screamed at me like a pissed off 13 year old girl and gave me the finger and I drove happily on mouthing the words "SORRYSORRYSORRY" .

Like. A. BOSS.

And yesterday, I whanged my head on another shelf corner. LIKE A BOSS.

You know how you can just feel this ghost of clumsy hiding behind you waiting to pounce? I knew I was due. Even with the whole traffic thing, I got through that unscathed so I knew the great equalizer had a bead on me.

Wha-PAM went my melon on the solid wood corner.

My beloved, who was home at the time, looked at me, aghast and suggested I put some ice on it. What he did not say, was "what did you do that for?" and I love him for that one kindness. It was written all over his face, but he didn't say it. And that's something I'll ever be grateful for.

Now, I'm going to do dishes. LIKE A BOSS.
And I'm going to do my daily walk. LIKE A BOSS.
And I'm not going to come home and eat a pile of cookies. LIKE A BOSS.


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