Monday, October 17, 2011

Let's just take a little trip around town. M'kay?

Well I guess autumn is starting to kick up around here, so here are some pictures of what it looks like these days.

This at a Home Depot, no less. Nice, eh?

And below we have a tree in my parking lot.

More woodsy-goodness from the parkinglot here. (not to be confused with "doing a woodsy", let's don't go there today.)

Then I took the camera on a little drive up to Suergal's place. Sure, it's all fuzzy, but hey, I kinda' like the effect and I had kindof a crap day today so I'm going to post the fuzz and make you like it.

See? Kinda neat, right? Below you see a glimpse of the Kennedy Center.

I adore this next shot. Can't say for sure why. But there's something really comforting about it. Don't you think?

Pentagon, yo! Nice and blurry. Not a single reason to take this picture other than to say: Dude! That's the Pentagon! (Now you say: No it's not! It's a rectangle!)(Then I say: well from the side it is. It's just a pentagon from above. Like how you can only see the state lines from above.) (and then that's when you stop coming to me for tourist advice...)

Um yeah. I really like the fuzzy. Also I dig the sunset reflected in the pentagon windows there. Makes it look like a normal, wholesome office building. You know? Just like, whatever, we just make copies and file paperwork here. No secret stuff happening in these walls. Move along.

In other news, I painted my fingernails today. They feel funny and I'm dropping stuff but I like them. Maybe they'll bring me luck when I try to run my errands all over again tomorrow. (today's outing was just a big fat bust)

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The Hurli-Fam said...

You make me laugh, as do your errand-running stories. Keep up the good work.