Monday, August 9, 2010

The Company Picnic

Open scene: KF in the bedroom, stressing about what to wear. Bathing suit? Out of the question. It stays in the drawer. Flower pants? Gawd it’s hot out, and only getting hotter, and last year was kinda sweaty – perhaps something lighter might be in order. Also, perhaps it might be nice to wear something that wasn’t worn to the picnic last year?

Winning choice: Shorts. Austria-sandals. Bright metallic pink toenails, 100% cotton, scoop neck, short sleeve t-shirt in purple. Note to self, do not lean forward. Main squeeze: dressed very handsomely and comfortably in shorts and a button-front shirt.

Don’t forget the air cookies. Don’t forget the sachertorte (it came out perfectly this time, the husband is a friggin’ genius with desserts.) Don’t forget the cutting utensils or the whipped topping stuff. Don’t forget the directions that say how to get there.

45 minutes’ drive later, we arrive and the smell of small-town chlorine fills my head. A handful of people are already there. We put our stuff down. We grab beers. We are immediately pulled into a game of dominoes which becomes competitive at an alarming rate. We made a lot of noise. We ate a lot. The food was great. The cake was a hit. The cookies were a hit. A belly-flop competition began and all the lads from the office eventually took their turns at the diving board and each crawled out of the pool with his own unique kind of horrible red splotching across his shoulders and belly.

Only once was I harassed about getting into the pool and only once was it suggested to me that my husband join the belly-flopping business. Neither suggestion was an option. Off the table. Thanks for asking. Food, food and more food… some great pictures, some not so great pictures. There were a few new babies. There were lots of kids. There were lots of spouses. We did a lot of talking. Laughing, talking, rude insinuations and off-color humor carried us through the day and then it was time to go home. More mentally than physically exhausted, the drive home took FOREVER. It’s a long, long drive. 45 minutes takes a whole lot longer on the way back.

We got home. The house was blissfully soaked with ice-cold, air conditioned air (75degrees). Kitty was sleepy. We were spent. I took an hour+ nap.
It was a lot of fun, the company picnic this year. It’s always draining and exhausting and everything in between. It’s just a few hours though… and as long as I’m never ever seriously expected to get actually IN the water, it’s all good. We had a great time.

One more company picnic over with. *phew* Time to get back to work. End Scene.

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