Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Dance

Holy crap you guys, gentle readers and slathering minions alike, I finished the book!
I started it on a whim just to see if I could finish something... you know "anything". Seems I was in a bit of a dark spot there, eh? But anyway I had this neat dream this one night and after Jason talked me through it he pretty much dared me to try to turn it into something and then here I am, six months later with a whole ding-danged book all finished and written and junk.

I know, right?

Well, it's not edited. So that's not really "done", but all I wanted was to tie off the plot. You know? It's not like any big publisher is going to be like "Move over J.K. Rowling and glittery vam-porn... there's a new kid in town". Even though it'd be nice to get paid for having a huge, unfettered imagination, it would also suck to have to hear from all the people who think I'm an idiot who can't write worth a damn. Besides, I don't care about them and I don't want to hear from them. I didn't write this for them and I certainly didn't write this for any kind of paycheck. Sure, maybe I'll swing through it a few more times to tighten up the nuts and bolts, take out the most hideous of misspellings and grammar mistakes etc. but at the end of the day I'm just 100% completely proud of myself for finishing this thing.

Here are some of the fun specs:
  • It's 108 pages on 8.5 x 11
  • 78,936 words total. (editing? yeah. like I said...)
  • In word I used 11pt Calibri, single spaced except for "chapter" titles which are bigger and double spaced.
  • There are roughly 29 "chapters" but they're kindof all short so it's hard for me to consider them official "chapters". (ergo the quotes)
  • It did not end AT ALL the way I thought it would going into it, I had an outline and everything of how I thought it would end up (bloodbath) and it turns out I'm not a grizzly murderer and limb-tearer-offer after all. *le sigh*

Lessons learned?

It is hard as hell to murder imaginary friends like that anyway, even in the less grizzly ways. I got really attached to those people and even the ones I wasn't fond of it was pretty hard to whack 'em. Yes, in hindsight it looks like I've got issues with certain kinds of men. Also yes, in hindsight it looks like I've got loads of issues just in general - but let's face it, anyone who even barely knows me already gets that about me and is reading here specifically because of some kind of horrible voyeuristic need for giggles OR because of an unspoken sympathetic thread or two that unites us in a not-creepy but still unsettling kind of way.

All told, it feels VERY good to not only have the "done" stamp on this book, but to have also taken that series of electric impulses that was my dream so long ago and put it into writing so that other people can take it for a spin too. There's something super cool about that. Blogging, to a certain degree, has the same appeal.

So I'm back. I'm done with the book and I can start blogging my nuttery away again and filling your eyeballs, gentle reader, with all sorts of nonsense and crabbiness. Huzzah!

Do join me in a quick little happy dance?

Thanks. I missed you too.

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