Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's EASTER, Meester!

Today is the kind of gloriously overcast, drizzly and cold day a person would expect from the likes of Seattle, or maybe London. Certainly not here in the crusted over, drought-plagued west.

I love this kind of day. It's such a rare treat, because in this part of the world... fog is kindof a fantasy fairy story that you tell other people's kids about when you want them to stay outside and play for another hour. Kittycat seems to like it too, though she's none too thrilled about being robbed of her delicious square of morning sunshine. She is, however, presently purring contendedly in my lap... rolled into a ball the size of a walnut and gripping her leathery nose with her paws. I love this kind of day.

It was a great week at my WORK, which still promises to be brain-dullingly dull in addition to the promise of perks like social interaction and compensation and crap. The space-ship is back on track again, if not fully on target. It's so nice to get out and see other, bigger space ships, and be a part of THEIR machinery for a while. The workplace seems to have a great balance of intelligent, worldly, and businesslike crewmembers - and for all the huff and bother they still are relaxed enough to wallow in the joy of wearing jeans to work. Bless them all. I'll happily do business cazj on top as long as I get to wear jeans on the bottom. Note to self... need to get some new jeans (most of the ones that fit are horribly torn by now since they are leaning toward at LEAST 4 years old.)

So now it's a weekend, and a weekend that actually MEANS something. I have to go to work tomorrow and that means I can dick around today. No job hunting, no websites, no introductions or personal pep talks chanting quietly this will be the week, and this time I mean it.

And today is a foggy, damp weekend day. Sunny days are great, snowy days are fantastic, and days like this just make my inner vampire sing out loud with relief and joy and "ahhhh" comfort.

Speaking of the undead, today is also Easter. And I do love Easter. See my entry last year on why - but for another general synopsis... I love easter because it's a time when EVERYONE can sit at the same table and just be whoever they are. Easter reeks of paganism for obvious reasons and it is also totally the ward of the state. Easter is Christianity at its finest, and most welcoming. Spring just brings out the best in people... you still get the same big meal that you had at christmas.... you still get loads of goodies like you ate at halloween.... but now the holiday is wrapped up in fluffy bunnies and fertility symbols and the heady syrup of hope for better things to come. Nobody calls it anything but Easter, or gets feelings hurt by any one person's version of the celebration.

Easter is, for the most part, what it always has been. Sure there's cards and barcodes and frilly dresses and absurd white bowties now - but underneath all of that... Easter is still Easter. It's spring. It's time to crawl out of our little space-ships and look at all the neat stuff growing in our yards. It's time for gratitude that the hardships of the last few months haven't gotten the best of us. It's time for breathing in, and out, and opening up a window or two. It's a day for knowing deep, deep in your soul that it's going to be okay - even if it's really REALLY different, and even if it's reallyREALLY hard. There's a lot of folks out there still on the rageddy edge, and there's a lot of other folks out there who are just starting to turn around and move away from it. Easter brings us all together, for one day, to celebrate.

No miracle-baby can top that. Sorry Christmas. You're great and all, but for all your sparkle and warmth... you are still pretty depressing. Easter means lighter clothes, kickass desserts, and playin' in the sheets. You rock, Easter.

So again, welcome back from the land of the dead, Jesus. Thanks for taking the heat like you did. Tell your dad I say "Hi". Have a great year.

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