Thursday, July 17, 2008


Um, I have been dreading this entry. Really.
I got fired on Tuesday.

I know I know, wtf, right? yeah. Um, I just mostly wasn't catching on fast enough and my manager just couldn't take it anymore. So I got canned.

Yes, I've already put the ol' resumee back out there for Office Team and yeeees I'm going to finally get that linked in thing updated...
and I'm not going to dwell on it here because I often come back to read what I've written and I don't want another "oh the pain" entry about something that's still so fresh and full of suck.

Not healthy. For me OR you.

What is healthy? baby birds.
Three of them. In the tree in my front yard. I have named them Sam. All of them. We have a teency little telescope thing here - like a floor model for the real thing I guess - and I took the following pictures with my digital camera as it tried to focus while looking through the teency little telescope thing. So please forgive how charmingly out of focus it all is.

Anyway, I give you Sam, Sam and Sam. (mostly just the one Sam is the camera bug, but the other two are in there someplace and really they do all look the same so you can pretend I got all three right?)

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