Sunday, July 13, 2008

FINISHED! (mostly)

Have a look at this!

so there it is, all finished and set and all that remains is framing it up properly and hanging it.

It's 30x30 right now - and this is the first time we've been able to hold it up to a window and see it all together with good light coming from behind. It is going to hang in a window that will be similarly lit to what you see here, but for a few hours in the late afternoon it's going to get full full sunshine and will appear far far brighter.

again, these are the rules I set for myself in this window:

1) straight lines
2) big pieces
3) only use scrap and leftover glass (thereby including glass exhumed out of old church windows as well as glass remaining from the creation of other church/private home windows)

additionally, we wanted it to be a "blue" window without being overwhelmingly syrupy and then to make it interesting my mother and I put that bolt of light square in the middle of it and frankly I think we couldn't have done a better job.

Next up is the mate to this window which will go in greens as opposed to blues. The "ray" of light will go a different direction, (up in stead of down) and the glass will likely be a little darker but the first three rules will still apply. I'll inlcude the finished installation pictures as soon as they are available.

YAY! Something finished! (MOSTLY)

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