Thursday, March 20, 2008

Next Catch-up

I did get to Gordman's and found some awesomely awesome duds to mix into my morning tetris routine, and I don't even have to bore you with an entry about why nothing fits. Seriously, nothing really does ever fit, but that day I got lucky and found some DYN-O-MITE tops that both conceal the bits I don't like and play up the bits I do like. All while stopping short of making me look like a fredericks of hollywood calendar girl.

Here's what I wrote next that I neglected to post in a timely manner. It is from March 17th.

Today's Forecast
So, did everyone survive the storm of the century this year? My goodness, to hear the 'casters talk about it last night I was starting to feel bad about not having hoarded up a few weeks' worth of canned foods, toilet paper and duct tape... but I was also clever enough to mostly disregard their hand-wringing and hot headed fearmongering as the icy crystals were just beginning to throw themselves against my house. "How bad could it be?" I wondered to myself after having enjoyed a long, warm weekend. Sure, I knew that Colorado weather can betray even the most seasoned of natives. I also remember the famous words of my father on the eve of that massive snowburst in the eighties (bah, this won't last long) - you remember, the one that dumped like 12 feet of snow in the front range? Well, I was three feet tall, so it FELT like 12 feet of snow.

Anyway, it has been fun coming to work today (HUZZAH!) and listening to each personality coming in the door and spinning the "it snowed" wheel of pessimism. I listen as each person clearly pronounces her glee or condemnation of the storm, the news, the local government, and twice a new arrival cursed his own ancestry. One person stomped in and asked "well how much did YOU get?" emphasizing the "YOU" and making it sound like the black death itself was upon his entire farmstead. Another skipped in delightedly and asked "How much SNOW did you get?" emphasizing the "SNOW" and making it sound as wonderful as a whirlwind of fairy wings. Some are saddened at the failure of the storm to stand up to the ominous woe of which the weathermen assured us, and some were rather obviously overwhelmed with relief that the storm showed some very strict mercy by reserving the strongest aspects for locations either farther up in the mountains or out toward Nebraska and Texas entirely.

It's a fun game actually. Each person bursting onto the floor with their own experience and color and take on the situation. On my book, I'd hardly count this as a storm, but rather a lovely cloudy day with drizzly wet buildings and sloppy streaky windshields. The spec-freakin-tacular view I have from my desk is obscured by clouds and I immediately think of the peaks that are still up there IN those clouds, an exercise that always makes me grateful to be indoors with plumbing and climate control.

Yes, I survived this big St. Pattie's Day snowstorm of 2008 and I doubt I'll be boring the next generation with stories about it. I'll drink my tea, and get to work, and just be grateful to be warm and dry and gainfully employed. VERY grateful about that last bit.

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