Tuesday, February 26, 2008


okayokayokay - I'm totally tweaked out here I'm so excited and I just can't stand it and GAAAH!

so remember about how "oh please let that one guy from the job fair call me back" blah blah?

THEY CALLED BACK! I know!! and then I blubbered and then the rep said they'd consider this new information and then schedule an interview if needs be, you know... "later".

THEY CALLED BACK AGAIN! I KnnnnOW! and so today I was like "Hahahhi?" and she's all "WOOHOO!" and I'm all "WOOHOO!" and so NOW I have an interview tomorrow!


Oh jibitty. oh frabjous day. Oh glittery joyful sunshine with kittens and roses on top.

Oh crap - KJ, do NOT blow this. No wait - I'm not listening to you, negative self. I'm wrapping myself in excitement and positivity and to hell with Doubting-Thomas and self-loathe and all of that. I. Have. An. Interview!

Now please excuse me while I go do the happydance on the ceiling. :) CROSS YOUR FINGERS, gentle readers, and wish me luck!

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