Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh the conversations I have!

In an effort to remind myself that I’m actually a nice person after all, I’ll record this latest interaction and hope to spin it with as little narcissism as possible.

Co-Worker 1: *grinning* So, what’s that word for when you’re spelling out a sound?

Me: *blank*

Co-Worker 1: I mean like, not spelling it out, but like when you write a word that’s the sound of something.

Me: *inhaling*

Co-Worker 2: *pointedly* like “brrring!”

Me: Onomatopoeia.

Co-Worker1 to Co-Worker 2: YES! Onomatopoeia! That’s what it is!

Me: Yay! You win!

Co-Worker 1: Yay! I win! I knew it was something. I knew there was a word for it.

Co-Worker 2: You win.

Co-Worker 1 to Co-Worker 2: AND you win because you said she’d know it.

Co-Worker 2: Ha! That’s right! I told you she’d know it.

Me: See? I know all kinds of crap.

Co-Worker 3: Ha! Yeah! Her head is filled with all kinds of useless crap!

Me: *wincing* Yup. Alllll kinds of useless crap.

Co-Worker 2: *returning to desk* Yeah. And sometimes useful crap. Thanks!

Me: *to myself* And sometimes useful crap.

Somehow, that interaction just makes me fiercely proud. I love to be known as “She who commands the useless library of useful crap” on most days. I know I should very probably take it as an insult, or at least not as a singular hitching post for my pride; but dammit I love it when people joke about how I know stuff. Makes me feel absurdly, uselessly smart. I guess it just reminds me that the utility of being smart is way less awesome than just the smartness of it.

Especially, probably exclusively, because it took me so damned long to be “smart”. Now to be publicly recognized for it? And beyond that, to be mocked for it? Huzzah! Oh Frabjous day! Calloo, Callay! I has a smart! *mental hug*

That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

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