Friday, December 20, 2013


Happy Holidays.
However you may celebrate at this time of year, I encourage you to do so with your whole heart and soul.

Keep the Christ in Christmas with a happy heart as you wrap lights around that gorgeous christmas tree and decorate it with things like pickles and mushrooms and perchance a sheaf of wheat or three.

Love your family.  It's the one you're stuck with.
Love your friends.  They're the ones who stick with you.

Tell stories.  Laugh.
Do all that "being merry" business.

One god or tenthousand, this time of year has room for everyone.  Your love of your traditions in no way tramples my love of mine.  We can still sit together at the office white elephant party and secretly rejoice in the fact that we did NOT, in fact, open that present with the peppermint body oils in it.

Donate to a charity.  People and pets and wild lands alike all need an extra boost this time of year, especially those who have been abandoned and forsaken.  Unforsaking comes, this year, at the cost of pennies.

Join me, this year, in making the season what it was meant to be.  Work hard to rise above the madness and the futility and the finger pointing and even the inevitable political saber rattling.

Because at the end of the day, I need you as much as you need me.

And that suits me just fine.

So Happy.  You guys.


Holidays?  Yes please.  Happy ones.

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