Monday, May 20, 2013

Starting a New Week

Well, there's loads going on in these parts, and yet... nothing at all.

That is, I'm trying to get some things started but still feeling rather tapped out in the inspiration department.

Compounding that is my utter inability to keep to a healthy bed time.  My 10 bed time has crept way past midnight and my daytime alertness is suffering.  Time to roll it back again.

Oh and also, the RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) is kicking my keister too.  Every now and then I get the itchy bones - you know?  Specifically in my thighs and I'll be lying down all snuggly and sleepy and then all of the sudden my thighbones are like "YOU WANT TO JUMP!!!!" and I'm like "screw you, legs, go to sleep" and my legs are like "JUMP-A-JUMP-A-JUMP-A!" and then I have to kick or scootch or tense or do something to make the sensation go away.

For like eight billionths of a picosecond.

And then I get mad.  And we all know how good MAD is when it comes to falling asleep.

So I'm going to take my damned itchy leg bones on some walkies today and see if we can't just beat them back into sloppy submission.

And in the mean time, because we all need a little dose of badass everynow and then...
I certainly do!

I give you one of my alltime favorite standby music videos:  Christopher Walken dancing to Weapon of Choice, by Fatboy Slim.


Poke The Rock said...

man I love him so much!

also stupid restless leg syndrom...kick it...kick it good, or wait maybe not. hope you will be able to sleep tonight.

Jan Newman said...

Walken! Nothing he does surprises me. He's weird in the best possible way and talented as can be. Thanks for sharing this.