Monday, May 6, 2013

Not A New Leaf

I'm not going to complain today.
I'm going to share another of my mom's windows with you.  (no, actually two of them)

Because she is saga-scale talented, you guys, and dedicated, and absolutely composed of the light she's using to put stuff like this together for other people.

I'm so proud of her.

It is a "privacy screen" for our hometown librarian to work behind at the main desk of the library.

The design is pine trees and aspen trees and sunshine and frost and pretty much solid Colorado from top to bottom.
I think she did a great job keeping it stylized to match the re-decorated interior
while still capturing what the client wanted.
This is her design, her work, and likely it's almost all glass sourced from her existing stock.  Interestingly that existing stock is largely filled with old glass from her local restoration projects; most of which include the local churches.  There's church glass in here, y'all.  Lutheran and Catholic for sure.  Probably a few others in there too.  That makes me so happy to see, for something like this, in a public library that frankly belongs in the Smithsonian collection.  Now the glass belongs to everyone.  And it still 'works'.  :)

Interestingly, THIS is the window she put in her own home recently.  This is what she designs for herself you guys!  Can you IMAGINE?  I just love this one so much.  And can I tell you?  It's in the BATHROOM.  No seriously...  it's a bathroom window in my parents' house.  Come on!  Not Fair!

Way to go mom.  You continue to inspire me in ways that neither of us is prepared to admit publicly.

'cause you know... we'd get all choked up and stuff.


Rainbow Hues said...

These are beautiful works! Your mom sure is talented :)

Poke The Rock said...

that is pretty awesome, both the library and her bathroom.

Hell, I probably would just go to the bathroom to look at that...