Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Look at me! A to Z

The Results Episode

Wow.  April sure went by fast, eh?  And amid all this brain-sharing I was doing I also went to the Smokies with my husband and my sister in law and her boyfriend for an absolutely perfect long weekend in a cabin in the woods.   Also my folks came out to stay with my husband and I for about five days.  And now, utterly spent, I find that my figure is fat with rich food and my mind is bristling with happy memories.

Today, on a day off and the day before I return to my workplace, I am a housecat.  I am sleeping far too much and eating not nearly enough vegetation and am staring into nothing for alarming amounts of time.  Tomorrow will be VERY healthy for me.

And still I am drawn to this little white screen to share my thoughts.

So, kids.  I'll share my thoughts.  Joining up on this little tour of the alphabet was, at first, a fun little challenge to keep my butt squarely in front of my computer screen so that I don't lose track of my other writing goals.  Which are, sadly, numerous and neglected.

Now I see that this was a marvelous outreach tool and for my pithy, self-involved efforts I am rewarded with the strangest and most magnificent collection of new friends I could ever ask for.  Maybe 'friends' is perhaps too strong a word.  I haven't really met any people.  What I have met, however, is their minds.  And what a magical, intimate meeting that is!  We're all misfits, we're all absurdly adapted to our situations and we're all just fingers on a keyboard being hurried along by our greazy eight pounds of thinkmeat.

But those minds, you guys, your minds...  I cannot tell you how honored I am that you share such treasures with me.  Your good days, your bad days, your silly stories and everything thereafter.  Would that I could just wrap you all up in brown paper and open you up every day like christmas morning.  But look!  I get to!  That's what your posts are!  You're real, after all, and you have things to say and do even now.  And in the future, as you continue to share, I hope you'll know that I'm out here too.

Truly exciting to me is the idea that we'll very likely bump into each other in the future.  Perhaps you'll sit next to me on the subway someday.  Perhaps I'll be behind you in the produce section of a quik-e-mart.  But the universe has a way of linking us together now.  So keep your eyes open, because I'm out here and I would love NOTHING more than to shake your hand someday and be utterly, impossibly, socially awkward at you for a few moments.  I don't even have to properly stalk you either.  The universe will take care of the details. It will be totally not creepy.  Well...  considering the elements involved, that is.

As far as the rest of the challenge goes, I'd have loved to leave a big hug and a high five for EVERYONE that I read and bumped into and got told to look at.  My fatal flaw there, however, was that I'm not really ready to manage multiple accounts for every manner of blog-o-matic hoople...  so I resisted leaving a comment in places where membership was necessary.  I'm still there, you just can't see me.

Everything else went swimmingly as far as I can tell.  I met some tremendously powerful writers and a gloriously talented bouquet of goofballs.  Oh how rich I am!

Many thanks, again, to our kind Arlee Bird for getting this machine rolling.

And many more thanks to everyone who makes it such a knockout colorful place to be!


Jan Newman said...

It was quite a trip -- for you, literally a trip. :) Glad it's over/sorry it's over. Now I have to go back to working on my posts.

Rainbow Hues said...

Its been a pleasure knowing you through your blog posts...Thanks for the same!! Good luck!

Poke The Rock said...

excuse me I got something in my not tears just a fly.

i am glad I found your blog, you are so funny and I just like reading what you write :)