Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hey Mom

To all the moms I know out there, keep up the good work. When you're doing the dirty work, the wet work, the hard work and the gross work... when you're doing the tearful work, the ouchie work, the bruisey work and the fractured work... and even when you're doing the tickley work, the giggley work, the goofball work and the euphorically proud work... it's all very good work. Thank you.

To my mother in law, I adore you. We don't agree on everything, and still I adore you. We're both on very different paths, and I cannot help but adore you. We are both strong, independent women, with silly senses of humor and tremendous inner power... and that is such a big part of why I adore you. We have a lot in common, and oh, I do adore you. You'll always be his mom. And because of that, I'll always, always adore you.

To my own mom, thank you.
You are my friend.
You are my confidant.
You are my captain.
You are my tourguide.
You are my teacher.
You are the star by which I navigate and the rudder with which I steer.
You fill my sky with a million colors and you fill my head with a trillion notes.
You're my mom. And I'm your bizarre little daughter.
Ain't we a pair!
Thanks mom.


Poke The Rock said...

aawwhhh this was amazing!!! you never really realise as a kid how much they work for us!!...right off to call my mum

Rainbow Hues said...

That's a warm post, here!

And I am guessing the art work is again, your mother's? Looks great!