Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N word. No, Not that one.

Let's take a moment to learn a new N word today.


It's a drug/drink from the way back olden days that a body used when suffering sadness or grief and happy dreams were needed.  Heh... "happy dreams".

It is an old name for anti-depressants, frankly.  And right now I'm not sure which one is easier to say.  Nepenthe?  Anti-depressants?  Can't we just say "vitamin grins"?  no, that sounds like pot...

But there it is.  Even our ancestors, those crafty bastards, knew that sometimes being artificially elevated could be a medically necessary thing.  Sure, loads of them were stoners.  But then again, who's to say that even they weren't just very clumsy with the self-medication?  Addiction, it would seem, is as old a friend to humanity as sadness and the need to defeat it.

So there we are.  Nepenthe.

A drug that made ya happy.

Better living through chemistry.  Huzzah!


Rainbow Hues said...

Interesting piece of trivia. Thanks

Arlee Bird said...

There you go. Mind altering drugs were here before there were minds.

Never know about that drug.

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