Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A fresh short story:

It was a very long time ago now, back when the world was still nothing but splinters and ash. As the universe boiled and our planet kneaded itself into shape, none of the things we know today had yet been born. It took a long time for the things of the world to come to be. It was a long time even before the Gods themselves took shape. And then the titans and their ilk. And each great thing that came into being found a home, and found a name, and found a way to be for the rest of time.
And then the great goddess entropy took her first steps.
and then came the titan called earthquake.
and then the titan called volcano.
and then the titan called hurricaine.

And they all found their homes. And they all learned their names.
And they all found a way to be for the rest of time.

And then came a smaller creature.

His limbs were very long and his head was very heavy, and his smile was broad and white.
And he crept out into the world to find his home.

It was a cruel world for him, because the fire burned his flesh. The stones broke his fragile fingers and the ice froze his aching feet quite solid. Wind blew through him and chilled his every fiber and the slippery damp soil itched and grated in his eyes.

He spent such long years bitterly alone, and homeless. From crevice to cave neither shelter nor solace could be found. In time he found his brother Earthquake and said to him "brother, i have no home and I have no name, may I live with you?"

And earthquake said "no little one. I am born of stone and energy and you would be smashed to a pulp if you stayed with me. This is not a home for you. You are too small and weak to live here."

And he asked the same of Volcano. And volcano said "no little one. I am the son of earth and fire. You would be dashed to pieces and melted into nothing if you stayed with me. You are too fragile and you are too meager to stay here."

And the little creature crawled away as lonely and crestfallen as ever.

In time the world began to change. And the stones began to change. And soon enough there came trees and growing things. And soon enough there came along the crawling things of the earth and soon enough thereafter the skies were filled with color and feathers and the soil positively rattled with footfalls of innumerable new beasts.

And this is when our creature finally found a place to live. It was a grand place that suited him perfectly. It was a warm and gentle place with plenty to eat and lots of places to sleep in comfort he had never known. It was a soft place that hugged and caressed him and his euphoria and delight knew no ends.

And then goddess Entropy stopped by to see the creature in his new home.
And she asked him "child, have you found your home?"
and the creature said "yes. It is the human heart."
and she asked him "child, have you found your name?"
and the creature said "yes. My name is Hate."

And they both knew that the creature had found his way to be until the end of time.

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