Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July - Posted Late. Waaaaaay late.

I just remembered, I owe you holiday festivities pictuers!  Oh dear oh dear.  Let's fix that right now.

Washington Monument Security Checkpoint

We entered where everyone did, at the national mall.  Lo, the Washington Monument!

Jefferson Memorial!
 Then we walked allll the way over to my favorite spot on the tidal basin at the feet of the statue of Mr. Jefferson.  It was HOT out, and I was soaking wet with humidity and sweat and the sweat of a hundred thousand other people gathered at this site for exactly the same reason as I was:  to celebrate the birthday of my country.  It was about as "pilgrimige"y as I'll ever get, I think.  And it was so awesome.  The concrete area we sat on there was allllmost too hot to sit on.  But we toughed it out.  Turns out, they were the best seats ever.   Like, EVER.  For any fireworks show I've been to ever.

Every bloom of fireworks reflected beautifully in the water in front of us and our view was utterly unobstructed.  The show was amazing and timed to go with music (pop) that played at full volume from speakers all around the mall and the tidal basin. 

I love this shot.  It is fuzzy.  Like me. 
The show, sadly, was about 15 minutes long.  We all could have sat there for an hour or more (many people had nabbed their spots early in the day and waited through the heat and searing misery of the afternoon for this show.  I can NOT imagine the medical condition I'd have been in if I had tried such a thing.)  By the end of it, though everyone was all friends and brimming with national pride and american joy and brotherly love.

And then it took us about 2 hours to get home. 

So yeah.  that sucked.  BUT the show was awesome and again, the pilgrim-feel of it was...  it was pretty intense.  Fully fully reccommended experience, says I.  Yes Indeedy.

Totally worth it. 
And that most excellent shower after we got home?  and the quiet soft bed waiting for me in my clean, quiet apartment?  and the cool air and the air conditioning and the kitty face waiting for me therein?  OMG magical.  :)

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