Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tum Te Tum

Oh springtime.  You bring your rainstorms, your warm days, your pool-cleaners and your fancy fancy promises of good things to come.  Then Memorial Day comes along and then, like a Mack truck, it's all *wham* you know?  "Summer".  And the humidity starts to go up up up.  And the temperature on the thermometer goes from 74 to 84 to some blurry number that hasn't been used since that heat-wave that preceeded the second ice age.  And people start planning get togethers involving pink&orange alcohol and bathing suits.  And people start wearing skirts outdoors on the weekends.  And sleeve lengths get shorter. 

And lo, it is only June.  Heat.  I don't like it and it doesn't like me.  Like lettuce in a microwave, I wilt in the heat.  Heat makes me sick.  Like, really.  Like, screw that "ecoli" business... walking for an hour in 90 degree temperatures gives me all the good fun that food poisoning promises with added sweatfulness, headaches and muscle tremors to boot.  It's less about how I don't like it, though, I guess.  It's more about how the heat just cripples my petal-weak constitution and then shines over the new mess that is me and says "smile, hon, it's SUMMER".    And then while I'm turning green in the bathroom, the beach blanket bingo singers come in and do their zany dances.

Bah.  So anyway, I'm going to try real real hard to not dwell on that.  I'm slowly introducing myself to the heat; Iocain Powder style, by spending a half hour at a time on my lovely deck.  It's a small closet of a space but it's south facing and the sunlight is warm and handsy and all my plants are thriving out there like I've never seen plants thrive in pots planted in the sun.  Maybe I'll get used to it?

Speaking of my pots planted in the sun... I had a nasty case of aphids.  Didn't so much bum me out as make me think "ew" every time I went out there.  I thought to myself about getting some ladybugs to take care of them and wondered out loud what fun it would be to have a ladybug release on the deck there and just be swarmed with them for an hour while they flew away and didn't eat my aphids. 

But then, oh gentle reader, then I found one day two happy, healthy ladybug larvae squiggling around my pansy patch and devouring every sixlegged ick-ball they bumped into.  Have you seen Ladybug Larvae?  Eesh.  They're horrible.  They look like they crawled out of some Doctor-Who-Meets-Guillermo-Del-Toro nightmare.  But they're super teeny and WOW they can put away aphids.  By the next morning, in fact, my aphids were down to one or two frightened stragglers hiding from the swollen, lumbering feast-worms that were hot on their trails. 

Then the ladybugs pupated.  For three days they nestled in there, stuck to their leaf of choice and crusted over and no longer wormy and not yet ladybuggy.

And then the ladybugs slunk out of their sleeping cases and dried off and crept around to test their new legs and now they're flown away. 

Transformation.  Nature and the Nature Of All Things.  Summer.  Courage.  It's all there.  You can write that little story yourselves one day.  But you know what I'm getting at.

So yeah, the ol' deck has been no shortage of good medicine for me lately.  Also, my long-awaited sunflowers are blooming (see below).  So that's good.  Everything's really good right now.  I go to the doctor tomorrow to hear about how my cholesterol is too high and then in a few weeks I take a spin on the table of dignity for the ol' annual exam followup and then we'll just see what happens then.

In other news, I'm about to publish my book.  For realz this time.  Like, I talk to a guy tomorrow about it.  So there's that too. 

Transformation.  Nature.  Summer.  Courage.  It's all there.

If you get my book and read it, and if you happen to hate it or you can't get through it because of how eye-rollingly blech it is... that's fine.  I won't cry.  You can even tell me.  "wow, that was... um... great job there.  You must be so proud."  I won't press you for more.  I won't make you read any more. 

But if you get it and you like it.  Feel free to tell me that too. 

In the mean time.  Sunflowers, y'all!

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