Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My What, Now?

Today, with what feels like my entire home state of Colorado ablaze (roughly 1% of it, actually), allow mw to distract us all, my beloved minions and slavering stalkers alike, with a new little linkiedoo up there at the toppotha screen there.

You see that?

It says I have a book and stuff.
  to wit as of June 29 2012: you can find it on

How about that, eh?
It even kinda says a lot on there so if you wanna go give her a test drive, you just hop right in, kids.  Of course, this is just a teaser because you and I both know that it won't be available for a few weeks.  However if you're willing to hold tight, I will post all kinds of fun stuff in there.

Like, oh, I don't know... book signing dates.  Pictures from such sordid events as the above mentioned book signings.  And lots and lots of drivelly navel-gazingly-dull entries about... perchance...  where other book signing dates might come up in our busy busy calendars. 

I might even list locations and stuff so YOU, yes YOU my adoring public, can come and see me in person and sneer and wave your lemon-scented fingers at me in such a manner as to suggest that you'd not only never be caught dead with a copy of my printed brain-ooze, but that you also think I have invisible stink lines emanating from my forehead.  That's okay.  As long as you buy a cup of coffee from the place that's hosting me, you do whatever makes you happy, kids. 

For you others out there, all of you clawing at the screen and begging me for linkage and annointage that will get you your advanced copies and ebooks already ...

well gang, you just gots ta wait like me.

We're roughly two weeks out y'all.

How FRIKKING insane is that?

Say - if you'd like to suggest a location or three where we could have a finger-waggling & book-signing...  you just drop me a note here and let's just see if I can't make it happen.

Locations already on my to-do list are:
Somewherez in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area
Somewherez in the Denver/GreenValleyRanch area
Somewherez in the greater Idaho Springs area
    provided most of these locations haven't burst into flame between now and then.

Updates forthcoming!  You know I can't keep a good "me" story down!

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