Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jawb - et al

That's right kids, it is veeeery likely that I may be sliding gently into the "employed" category very soon. It won't be anything glamorous or fancy. It will be solidly part time. It will be in a small, lovingly casual office with a whole new bouquet of personalities for me to chew up and adore.

It will be downtown.
Whuddup? I'm going to be all "downtown" with my bad self. I'll be riding the metro to work like a big girl. It is, after all, a block away from the office. I'll be working in downtown metropolitan washington dc with all the other oodles and oodles of tourists, locals, politicians, janitors, activists, restauranteurs, public servants and visiting world leaders.

I'mma' just sit here at let that sink in for a minute.


I'm totally starstruck. It's going to be really fun, I think. The experience alone. You know? Like, I'm almost never in this for the WORK itself anyway, right? But to be the person who comes into an office and takes the pressure off of talented professionals so that they can get their lives back... that feels really REALLY awesome. I don't mind telling you it is going to do my ego no end of good.

It will take getting used to - of course; the $12/day it'll take for the commute alone, the "what on earth am I going to have for lunch today" situation, and the other totally BORING parts of starting a new job. But that's far outshined by my excitement at having this new thing to look forward to. It is time, lo, and as the summer creeps ever closer I'm going to be extremely grateful to have a reason to get out of the apartment into a nice air conditioned (read refrigerated) office building.

I don't do well with heat. We all know this.

So this summer... provided I can find SOMETHING other than jeans and poly-blend work pants to wear during the days... should be really interesting, life-adjustments wise.

The alternative is, oh let's just not think about that. I'll be just fine. I'll be pink/purple, and sweaty and fine. *fingers crossed*

Look out DC.

Here comes KJ (aka KKF)

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