Monday, February 13, 2012

With a ONE and a TWO and a....

Wellsir, here we are again. On the Job Hunt.

Gack. You know?

Which, let's face it, you likely do know. Since, like, everyone and their brother in this country is so catastrophically unemployed that, like, they're considering "Zombie" as an actual resumee entry.

And here am I. Hiding in my little space ship for the last (mumble mumble) months and wrestling with all manner of demons from mental to physical to cat barf and bad cooking.
(bad cooking = mine, le SIGH)

Time to stop hiding. Has been for (mumble mumble) moths but HA HA let's just move on, shall we? I'm combing Craigs' for the low-hanging fruit. I have a shiny new updated ressie and a closet full of work-appropriate clothes that FIT (thanks supergal, you kick ass) and a little tray full of awesome shoes and a head full of things like "yay!" and "wow!" and "holy crap I have to go OUTSIDE? are you shitting me?"

Little bit o' panic has always served me well. Will do so again.
I'll probably even be able to make it to interviews and handsie shakesie meetings without throwing up on anyone, too. So that's always awesome.

There have been so many people pulling for me lately, through this last medical hooplah etc... and so many pray-ers and wish-ers and hope-ers... I want you to know that I absolutely noticed every single one of you and the positive energy out here on this end is magnificent. You have all made a difference for me, every last one of you slathering minions, and I love you all. Thank you so much for getting me wedged out of that little tight spot, and thanks too for coming with me on this new and perfectly mundane fresh adventure.

Many tales of body odor, polyester blends, stinky carpets and absurd filing duties are sure to follow.

Let's do this.

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mindy said...

Good luck... you know where to find me for a kick _____ opportunity. I hope you don't become a zombie in the process. I recruit from job fairs and have seen many of them roaming the halls of the hotels we are at...