Saturday, February 25, 2012

This is Important.

Monday, February 27th: This. Is. Important.

Monday. No makeup. Post a picture of yourself out and about. Share your feelings about the experience. Please. Join Me.

Please Join Me in this campaign to raise awareness that being beautiful is not about tits and ass.

Please Join Me in telling the world that you are more than the value of your eyeliner and cupsize.

Please Join Me in showing women and girls in your immediate vicinity that being a valuable person does not start with being passionately, imminently screwable at every breathing moment.

Please, Join Me. Go out Monday with no makeup (or as little as you can stand). Take a picture of yourself. Post it on Facebook or in your reply here or otherwise share it with me or your loved ones. Talk to me about how being "exposed" made you feel. Talk to me about why.

Please Join Me in rejecting the notion that fourteen year old girls MUST diet and wear makeup and have plastic surgery because they are all ugly unless they strive for nothing short of porn-star lustiness.

This is important.


Join Me.

Monday. Go without your makeup.
Take a picture of yourself.
Share your experience with me.

It's time we take our bodies back, ladies.

And failing that, let's start with our faces.

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