Monday, September 19, 2011


I do NOT remember packing this much chaos.

Let us begin this little tour of insanity in the bedroom:

First we were all like "refugee camp"

Yes, that is my buddy Thor keeping watch in the window. Thanks for noticing!

Now we're like "frat house"

Thor is still there, just at a higher elevation so as to keep a better eye on things.

And then in the office? Where kitty is going to spend her nights? Yeah, we were all like:

Animal shelter playroom!

and now it's more like:

Crazy aunt-cat lady has digital delusions! Too many computer desks and dining room chairs that are drifting around the place like dust bunnies. GRAGH!

The most interesting progression has happened in the main room. The living room, if you will. The room in which a great majority of living is supposed to take place amongst cozy places to sit, book-ery nook-ery, and probably the ghastly demise of humanity itself: a television.

At first, we got in here and it was all "crack house chic" with all the "chic" and none of the "crack":

Then, see, we were all like let's go to Ikea and get shelves and crap! Yeah! Shelves! For the book-ery! and the nook-ery! Huzzah! SO what if they weigh about a million pounds, we'll make my beloved husband carry them. "pu-shaw". we said. And then we installed those rutting shelves even though they nearly cost us our shoulder rotators and all feeling in our fingertips. Worth it though. Note the schwanky use of template-age there. We are so clever when installing our uber dense shelves, we are. Clever clever clever.

And then the POD arrived and it was time to get down to the serious business of filling in every last square micrometer of our alloted living space with boxes and boxes of stuff. And a lamp. At which point kitty decided to freak me right the hell out by making herself see-through.

But we weren't done yet, folks! Not by a ding-dang long shot. No sir-ee. We were just getting started. There were couches to move in! Dining room table and chairs! Antiques! Dishes! GOOD GODS SO MANY DISHES! Appliances! Lo, for we had a 5lb box of living space of our very own and we had 10lbs of crap to put in it.

It was time.

It was time to get CREATIVE.

By which I mean: cram it someplace and we'll deal with it later.

You clearly thought I was kidding, eh? You thought "oh, that KJ. She's such a noob at moving, she'll burst into tears long before she gets that POD unloaded." and to be honest, yes... yes I did.

I smacked the hell out of my noggin on the corner of one of our new cabinets and that sent me reeling with pain and tears and fits of tantrums and some of the most satisfying swearing I've done in years.

But when it came to getting all the stuff in, with the gentle persistance of my husband and our two beloved friends in the area, it all got in. After which we had pizza. And wine.

But where's the corkscrew? SHIT! Where's the cork screw? I just saw it... over... um.... oh wait - My beloved husband has a sloution for our problem? oh do tell!

Beloved Husband, take note: You are my hero.

And now, it is officially "later" and I have some serious cardboard paper-cuts to sink into my flesh. Kitty is passed the hell out atop my desk here and is blissfully comfortable with the idea of never setting another paw inside a car again for as long as she lives. I'm totally fine with letting her snuggle down with that idea too. For now.

Besides, there's always "later". You know?

oh. right.

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