Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just like old times

You know those days when you go to work and your face is all red and blotchy and "look at me! I'm on Meth!" and your tummy is all "look at me! I eat doughnuts for dinner!" and your pants are all "look at me! I come from the one-size-fits-none store!" and your shoes are all "check us out! we're from the 80's!"...

and your head feels too big and your boobs are just unmanageable and your muffin top is inexplicably un-concealable even though you've recently lost about 8lb and you're tripping on stuff and your eyes feel crusty and you cough like a tuberculosis patient because the tea you just drank went into your lungs instead of your stomach...

I'm kinda' having one of those days. The good news is, the only thing keeping me from throwing myself off the nearest water tower, is that it's delicously overcast today with a greatly exaggerated percent chance of rain.

Hot Damn.

Also - the Norwegian class went really well. It is really hard teaching a room full (full!) of eager learners how to speak a language they've probably never heard spoken before. Especially when they're adults. (Especially, especially when they're kids.)

These were adults though. Polite and charming to the last. This whole "me-teachy" thing is going to be really good for me. It's hard to be in front of everyone trying to share little bite-sized salami slices of information that they can absorb when all I want to do is jam a co-ax cable into the backs of their skulls and just download all of this wonderful years of stuff that I know all at once. It's hard to pace myself like that. I have all this interesting stuff I want them to know, I NEEED them to know... but they just kinda blink and wait for the storm to pass and hope they can get on the next bus to "this is a verb" town instead.

By the end of it all, we were all at a good pace and really getting the hang of "here" and "please" and "this is a potato". Absurd, but I'm already terribly proud of all of them. Especially the two women in there. For some reason, they seem to be wrestling harder with the language... and by the gods they're just in there for every round if it kills 'em... you know... in spite. And I do love that.

So yeah, I'm helping my little heathen friends learn Norwegian.

How about that, eh?

In other news, I do feel a little better now.

Thanks for listening.

I had started to wonder if the pharmacist had switched my medicine for a placebo (you know, for giggles) and I was maybe going to have to go postal on 'em to get my proper chemistry-assistive-devices back.

Turns out... I just needed tea.

In my stomach though.

Not so much in my lungs.




All better.

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