Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Lamp I Hate.

I don't 'hate' the lamp... I just hate it.
You know?
Tips? Suggestions? What should I do with this monstrosity? It came with the house... so it's always been there, sneering at me when I come down the stairs every morning and leering at me as I rumble my sagging self up the stairs every night. It is too clear, too angle-ee, too "fake candle"-ee, too brassy, too chain-ee (heh, chaney) ...

Tell me... What would you do with something like this?
New, round, drum-style shade?
Sandblast/etch the glass?
Put new glass around it to make a column of colored glass?
Let the twins at it with some paint-pens and glue and tissue paper?
Smash it to smithereens?
Egad I just hate this lamp so much. *whine* *sigh*

1 comment:

Mountain Mama said...

Pull out the glass, spray paint the metal. Insert colored galss.