Thursday, December 16, 2010

Springerle Rolling Pin

(spring-er-lee or shpring-air-luh or skwee-omg-must-nommmmm)

My Grandmother's springerle roller! So pretty, eh?

Let's see, here we have:

Flag for good ol' USA, An Owl (sideways), Wheat (kinda upsidedown) , and a, um, Angel Fish? Humming Bird?

And on the next side...

That's a rooster probably (sideways), Kitty!, A shooting star, A turtle!

The next side gives us:

Clearly a mouse/rat/opossum (upside down), A, um, squirrel or bunny? (sideways), A duck, and probably olives.

Finally we have:

Yonder old rugged cross (sideways), A pineapple, A um, Aztec thunderbird? some kinda' grain?, and.... an... eyes-ee-balls-ee fish seed thing.

Those victorians were cryptic, sometimes, eh? Usually the rollers do include animals or religious symbols, or like, pre-electricity daily life stuff. The fanciest ones all show people and horses and carriages or like really detailed bible scenes. Me, I'm good with pineapples, squirrel-bunnies, eyes-ee-balls-ee things and kitties. Who wouldn't be?

To be fair, this was probably carved in brazil or something in the sixties but springerle-makers can get fussy about the shapes so there wouldn't have been much motivation to go off the map when starting up a mass production gig. For the recipe, I encourage you to collect two or three recipes that come up when you google springerle and then just kindof go with the flow.

aaaand bake and drool and bake and drool and bake and ...

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