Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let's try this again.

My annual holiday gripe, of a hopefully different stripe.
Happy Hannukah
Happy Hijra
Happy Festival of Lights
Happy Ashura
Happy Kwanzaa
Happy Cozy Winter Nights
Happy Solstice, Saturnalia
And far more obscure religious rites.
Happy Birthday Ra and Jesus,
Beetoven and Mary Queen of Scots.
I hope your festivals of Shiva, Neith and Alycone
Were appropriately full of delights.
Happy Christmas, Christian Friends,
Happy Pies, Hams, Breads and Turkeys...
all of which turning out just right.
To claim a single day for joy just seems so silly to me
when so many good things come around.
I know it's so much better to savor every smell and sound.
It's winter here, and time for stars
and snow and tasty things to bite.
Let's simply celebrate our time together.
As people.
Let's celebrate hope, and hard work.
Let's celebrate everything in sight!
So without a grimmace, groan or whinge,
Dear Friends I wish you:
Good Yule.
Happy Holidays.
Sleep Tight.
NB: Happy Birthday also to my Brother and my Grandfather,
to Emily Dickinson, Henri Matisse, Giaccomo Puccini,
John Milton, Martin Van Buren, Georges Seurat,
Jane Austen, Rudyard Kipling
and Nostradamus; all of whom (and too many more to mention)
this world would be a much poorer place without.

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