Monday, April 19, 2010


Okay, so screw beer pong - I just fell in love again.

Never knew about this but now that it's there I'm just LITERALLY weak in the knees.

Dirty Thunderstorms, y'all.

Lightening in the cloud of ash over a volcano - like at Iceland's Eyjafjalla right now that's errupting and farting microscropic glass and ash all over Europe (take THAT Europe!) - all that stuff in the air, all that mass and energy and literal "stuff" is generating lightening storms.

Lightening storms, y'all! Ka-Boom! As if the molten rock, and burning air weren't dramatic enough. No no, you gots ta fill up the skies with glass and then cram some full on electricity into the empty spaces to lace it all together. Oh be still my fluttering heart!

Þórsmörk: Thor's garden.

Thor's garden indeed. Dude. (You can't see, but I just knuckle-bumped Thor for his outrageous and unfettered awesomeness.)

I swoon. Go catch some images if you can. I don't wanna' steal anyone else's shots but I'll link you to the MSNBC one that just bashed my brains in with the spectacular awesomeness of this whole phenomenon.

Try this.

Weak. In. The. Knees. * swoon *

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