Monday, December 7, 2009

In a similar vein...

Dear dude from work:
I know you want the world to provide you with either YES or NO answers.
Sometimes, the world doesn't work like that.

Seriously, sometimes you have to let me explain myself. Stop oversimplifying my answers to a point well past any lingering correctness. It is possible to be mostly right and still a little bit wrong, and mostly wrong and still a little bit right. It happens. A lot. There are times when I can't either flatly agree or disagree with your statements and I must give you my infuriatingly conditional statemtents. Just because you're a greying engineer doesn't exempt you from having to confront the facts that you will sometimes just have to let people give you the whole damned story before you close the case.

I know this makes you crazy. Deal. The world is not binary. It just isn't. (except for the times when it is.)

I know this really, really bothers you. Too. Damned. Bad.
Over it. Get there.

bane of your existence.

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