Wednesday, October 28, 2009

La Neige

Who made it to work today?
I made it to work today!
Who fishtailed and wobbled around the roads at 7 mph today?
I fishtailed and wobbled around the roads at 7mph today!

Seriously, as far as this morning's commute is concerned, I was one beaded fringe short of a routine that'd have gotten a perfect score in dancing with the stars.

Weather's getting worse, temps are dropping like mad, winds are picking up and Odin just shook the snowglobe again.

There are whispers of an early close at work today. Might get to try to come home before 5:00 "rush" hour. Looks like it'll be pretty sloppy no matter what. I shudder to think what tomorrow's commute holds.

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Mountain Mama said...

Oh yeah? My kid is in the only school district that's OPEN today. Open! To rub salt in, we already had tomorrow and Friday off for conferences.