Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It is a stunning day outside. Thick fog is snuggled close to the ground and the trees and the cars and it is totally obscuring any building taller than a third or fourth story. This is the kind of fog that makes horror-movie writers salivate. This is the kind of fog that makes new-age vocalists quiver with romantic delight. This is the kind of fog that nearly never happens here. Cozy vacation spots in the spooky northern coastlines, mystery novels and a few nightmarish spots in “backwoods noplace” … those are the places that get fog like this. Not here, but now it IS here.
And it’s absolutely enchanting to see, as it vacillates between covering the windows in a sunny, cottony white, and a “who covered the window with construction paper” blue.

It’s absolutely enchanting.

In other news, and it may be tempting the fates to share this information so be advised that I’m sharing this at potentially great personal risk, in other news I dreamt I had caught the flu last night. In the dream I spent five whole days sick as hell and gross and flu-ish as could be. When I woke up to my first healthy breath in five days, I realized it was just a dream and dragged myself out of bed and went to work and am now grateful for having my health but also a little mad because I haven’t dreamed myself up an immunity to the stuff. *sigh*

Alas. The fog has intensified. It’s magnificent.

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