Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Aliiiive!

Well, THAT little episode of food poisoning was rough. I know, though, that blogging botulism is tantamount to sharing details about personal medical procedures at dinner so I'll spare you the untidy details.

Suffice it to say that I've lost about 5 pounds in the last two days and have naught to show for it but an unsteady heart beat and some nasty leg cramps. Also my clumsiness has been topped off to a hilarious new level. I am my own vaudeville today. BUT I'm also well on the path to recovery and consuming solid (if bland) foods and loads of tea. I live.

Now the lessons learned part: I, me, solemnly swear to not ignore or muscle past feelings of quease that appear shortly after lunch no matter where I am. I hereby solemnly promise to jettison whatever ballast needs jettisonning at the very same hour that the biological work order comes in. I will not allow said ballast to ruminate and fester and lodge itself so deeply within my being that the only further means of processing involve... well... that which will not be discussed from roughly Tuesday night through Wednesday afternoon.

Yes. I think I'll just leave it there.
Oh look! Cheerios!

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