Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Summer

Lord it's gonna be hot today. Looks like they left the air conditionning off over the weekend here at the workplace.
Stagnant aaair.

Oh well. Spring went thundering by swiftly enough. I'm sure it'll be autumn again before long.

But wait! There are still weddings to attend! Wedding #3 is but a handful of days away and I'm REALLY excited about it. It stands to be among the most romantic of the bunch, as it's spot on the 4th of July and we'll have a great view of the fireworks from our hotel room. It also promises to win the award of "most sweltering weather" - but we won't hold that against them.

Wedding #2 was gorgeous. The drive was awesome, because it was a strictly cold and foggy day. I was terribly underdressed, actually, in my flippy little spring dress... but as the lion's share of the event was indoors, it worked out okay. (So much for the weather holding out - damn that hubris of mine...)

The location was great. They got married at the roots of the same mountain as my own groom and me. Just another face/side of it. The thick, heavy ceiling snuggled down to us as the time for the ceremony drew near. Outside, there was no sound but for the hummingbirds and the random pit-pat of a raindrop perfectly striking an Aspen leaf.

The facility was amazing. Actually it was the groom's workplace - which sounds dreadful until you learn that it's a gorgeous, spacious, log-cabin style workplace with a huge central chamber holding magnificent arched ceilings and giant wooden beams and 360° views. The patio, where the ceremony was held, looked directly at the mountain behind it. The forest below us was greeeen green green green green. A light wind blew the bride's veil around her head with the kind of romantic swirl that most other brides would give their eye teeth for. When it was vow-time, the clouds lifted. On cue, perfect little handfulls of blue sky popped up and allowed a few golden beams of sunlight to illuminate the GORGEOUS backdrop. The mountain loomed, now completely visible, and seemed almost as choked up as we were.

After the ceremony, it was party time. We hung out and chatted and got all caught up on the local gossip and danced and ate, and ate, and ate. The bride was magnificent - looking prettier and more radiant than I had ever seen her. The groom was clearly on the brink of melting with pride. The whole event was perfectly quiet, perfectly sweet, and wonderfully cozy.

How different it was from the first wedding - no golf course lah-tee-dah this time... this was more of a home-y affair and it was a much more intimate experience. For me anyway. Maybe because I knew this bride better. Maybe because I knew what this day meant to her. Maybe because it was so deliciously foggy.

It was so perfect for the two of them. They're off in a few days to their honeymoon and they'll be taking their first steps into matriomony with among the most wonderful bonds I've ever witnessed.

And they are wonderful people. And they are beautiful people. And they will live VERY happily ever after. Welcome to happily ever after, wedding #2. You’ve earned it.

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