Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good things, continued.

We've got a good, positive pace here. While I could bring up the eight things that have already put me in a pissy mood today... I'll ignore them and talk about another secret delight of mine.

Intersection Swallows.
The birds, pervs, the birds. It's so thrilling to come up to an intersection at this time of year - and see it bristling with tiny black jet fighters. They're swooping and looping and flinging themselves about perfectly in time with the red lights and elegantly filtering the air of moths, bugs and flittery nasties. They're not assembled anyplace else that I can tell... just dozens of them at a time all packed in together at the intersections. Every intersection in the city, it seems. We drivers appear to chase their prey for them, concentrating a mothy bait-ball at every crossroads timed with traffic lights. When the lights go red and us drivers stop to take in the view... the intersection swallows take over and dive in and the murderous ballet that ensues couldn't be more delightful.

Intersection Swallows.
How magical you are.
I'm glad you're back.

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