Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seeing more clearly now.

Today’s Bullets:

  • Weather today is deliciously chill and overcast and humid humid omygawd humid. Sweeeet.
  • The house is still woefully untidy and over-run with cat fur tumbleweeds. The bathtubs are not gleaming. Laundry still sits by my side of the bed in a rumpled pile. The stovetop is greezy. There is a layer of grime on the lightbulbs and my kitchen table is … sandy?
  • Big Road Trip for Wedding #1 is just a few days away. EEEP! Time to start making lists.
  • Big Road Trip for Wedding #1 is just a few days away. EEEP! Time to start pretending to clean the house to a point where I won’t be ashamed when people come over to look after kittycat and end up realizing that I’m a miserable slob with no head for proper nutrition.
  • Maybe I should mess around with my house-sitters? I wonder if I should hang signs in the cabinets reading: “Hi there” and “you peeked!” and then put empty bottles with false labels on them saying things like “porno-tron 2000” and “White Rabbit Kidneys in Frog Eye Sauce”. If you were house-sitting, would you get a kick out of that or would you feel like I was insulting you?
  • Listening material for Big Road Trip is on the kitchen table and soooo begging to be listened to. Must exercise self-restraint. Guess how well that works. It's 13 CD's of material at roughly 14 hours playtime... so I think I'll be safe if I sneak in a chapter or two. But I don't want to spoil the surprise - *dramatic sigh*
  • I have pulled three muscles on the right side of my jaw. And I managed to do so while NOT doing anything naughty or salacious or even remotely interesting.
  • The world is finally green again in this tiny little pocket of the world, the growing things are now blooming things, and soon the air will be choked with pine pollens, cottonwood fluff, and other people’s sneeze-mist. Ahhh spring. From behind our masks of swollen eyes and gooey, raw noses, we humbly bid thee welcome.
  • Beloved Husband is home safe and sound. Dinner was beer and pizza. All is well. Brain is functioning properly again. He brought home delicious chocolates. I am loved and whole and no longer psychotic. Allow me to join you in a collective *phweew* .

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