Thursday, May 7, 2009

2009: Year Of A Thousand Weddings

Oh Boy this is going to be a busy year! Wedding #1 is nigh, and we’ll be on our way there in just a few short weeks. Let’s see, as of right now, there are five planned and scheduled weddings to which we have been invited this year. There are at least three additional engagements we know of which could pick a date any day now (or months from now) for anytime this year or next (providing they don’t sneak away to Vegas first, which is likely in at least two of the cases).

Wedding #1. Highschool buddy of my own beloved, for whom my own beloved will be acting as best man. Very Cool. We will be driving out there too, so that means a lot of time off work. Oy. I won’t complain about that though, since I’m REALLY looking forward to the together time with the man who pledged his own heart to me not so long ago.

At first big road trips like this always seem like a major drag. Twelllve Hourrrrs in the carrrrr. Driving across Nebraaaaaska. BLARGH! But then the reality starts to sink in and I can’t escape how really wonderful it is to be “stuck” in that car with this man. We inevitably laugh our fool heads off, listen to loads of great new music, and just talk. For 12 hours we are the other’s captive audience and if it’s fart jokes or string theory we talk about it… at length… if we want to or not. And then there’s the non-talking where one just drives and gets lost inside a head full of directions and road signs and music and memories and the other stares out the window or reads in silence and eventually falls gracelessly asleep. There are a few miles in there when we’re both awake and silent and lost in thought, swimming through miles of our own remembered decisions, mistakes or daydreams. When we know the way, these kinds of road trips are almost always wonderfully refreshing.

When we’re going someplace neither of us has been, all bets are off.

Luckily there haven’t been too many of those kinds of trips and we’re much better at getting OCD with the maps and directions than we used to be. We’re much better at picking music that doesn’t interfere with navigation (or sanity) and we’re finally in a place where we can experiment (!!) with various kinds of listening material including books-on-CD.

This year we’re looking into some books-on-CD from the library. We’ve had great success with some of Garrison Keillor’s stuff (though Jason got tired of that pretty quickly) and I very much enjoyed the series of 1940’s-era spooky-radio-show CD’s (again, Jason got pretty tired of that too, but we STILL joke about BLUE! COAL! regularly). For this trip I’ll try to find something a little more CSI and a little less Masterpiece Theater. Lord knows I could listen to anything Douglas Adams ever wrote, but my poor husband probably will not get as big a charge out of it as I do.

All in all, I am super excited about this year: The Year Of A Thousand Weddings. Each one will be so different, and so romantic, and so festive. And the journey to each wedding will be so different each time too – even though we’re making the same drive three times for three different couples. The seasons will be different, the farming-stages of America's bread basket (aka tornado alley) will be different, and the gods know that the HEAT levels will be different. If you’re one of the lucky ones getting hitched this year – I couldn’t be more pleased for you! If I get to come, I couldn’t be more flattered by your invitation or grateful for the chance to steal away in your honor with my own true love and just spend some quality together time on the way to your beautiful day.


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