Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Secret Delights

1) Do you ever just sit there, say, at lunch, or maybe waiting for the soccer game or something… do you ever just sit there and stare at a chain-link fence? Then you just sort of settle into it and let your brain play little pattern-finding games for you? Diamonds, cross-hatches, lines that appear for a fraction of a second and broad stripes that invisibly change shades in relation to each other before morphing into the next pattern. I did that at lunch today… totally zoned out while listening to NPR (well there’s your problem, missy) and stared at that chain link fence. It was great.

2) I’ve just discovered something (re-discovered, actually, but who's counting?) Grape Crush soda – you know, like Orange Crush but in Grape flavor instead of Orange. I use capital letters because the flavor is the kind of Mac-truck-meets-butterfly subtlety you’d expect from a flavor with capital letters. It’s candy soda. It’s like drinking a glass of fizzy jolly ranchers. I LOVED grape sodas when I was a wee-bairn, and remember ONLY that I loved the intensely sugary syrup flavor. I remember nothing of situations in which I’d have drunk such a substance, just that I loved it and begged for it and was RARELY rewarded with it. No idea why, but I’m guessing it has a whole lot to do with the source of that sugary syrup flavor, ie the sugary syrup. Good call Mom.

I’ve got the heartrate of a hummingbird now, but lord that Grape flavor is just such a throwback delight for my inner 9 year old. She’s absolutely humming with summery delight, positive that she’s gotten away with something deliciously dreadful and not a single, solitary nuance of guilt to add to it.

Yup. Grape soda. Fizzy, Candy soda. I’m sure I’ll be in a coma in about 45 minutes… so when I’m sucking down the tea to try to regain my mental footing I’ll try to persuade myself that it was still a good idea to drink this stuff. Additionally, I’ve left myself a sticky note reading: ONE per week. I don’t even wanna KNOW what the calorie content on this little gem is… but screw it.
*sip* mmmmmmm Grape-y.

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